Thanh Chuong Tea Hill: Detailed travel guide from A to Z

Thanh Chuong Tea Hill

The Thanh Chuong Tea Hill is a famous tourist destination in Nghe An, often referred to as the “Ha Long Bay on land” of the western region of Nghe An. This place boasts a stunning natural landscape, resembling a painting, with green tea hills jutting out on the surface of the lake, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and experience.

In recent years, Thanh Chuong Tea Hill in Nghe An has become a unique “Instagrammable paradise” of Nghe An. Here, visitors can not only admire the vast green tea hills but also taste many delicious local specialties. If you want to visit Thanh Chuong Tea Hill, let Trip Plan Online guide you on where it is, how to get there, and what to explore.

Where is Thanh Chuong Tea Hill located?

Located next to the Ho Chi Minh trail, Thanh Chuong Tea Hill is in An Ngoc commune, Thanh An commune, Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province. From the center of Vinh city, it only takes about 50km to get here, while the famous beach of Nghe An, Cua Lo, is about 70km away.

Different from traditional tea gardens in Lam Dong, Thai Nguyen, or Son La that are grown on hills, tea in Thanh Chuong Tea Hill is grown on small islands. All of these islands are surrounded by the Cau Thau water dam system, covering an area of about 80 hectares.

From above, tourists will be overwhelmed by the ubiquitous pale green color: the green of the mountains, the green of the water, and the green of the endless tea hills.

How to get to Thanh Chuong tea hill?

Moving from Nghe An

There are several transportation options to get to Thanh Chuong Tea Hill, depending on your preferences and conditions. If you are in Nghệ An, it will be quite convenient to travel here. You can choose to go by motorbike, bus, or taxi, depending on your starting point and the transportation cost you plan for.

If you are new to the area and not familiar with the roads, searching for a map on Google Maps would be a smart option to help you move easily to the destination. Transportation information from previous travelers shared on social media is also very useful and can help you easily get to Thanh Chuong Tea Hill.

To get to Thanh Chuong Tea Hill from Vinh

Tourists from other cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City have various transportation options to travel to Nghe An, including by plane, train, and bus.

+ By plane: To travel by plane, you can fly from Tan Son Nhat or Noi Bai Airport to Vinh Airport. Economy ticket prices range from 700,000 to 900,000 VND per leg, depending on the time and airline.

+ By train: If you choose to travel by train, you can take a train from Hanoi to Vinh with a ticket price of about 300,000 VND per way. If departing from Ho Chi Minh City, ticket prices range from 500,000 to 1,500,000 VND for VIP cabins.

+ By bus: Many bus companies operate routes from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh with ticket prices ranging from 200,000 to 600,000 VND per way, depending on the departure location.

+ By motorbike: If traveling by motorbike or car from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Nghe An, tourists need to be careful as the roads may present traffic safety risks.

The best time to visit Thanh Chuong tea hill

The unique feature of Thanh Chuong tea hill is its perpetual greenery all year round, unlike many other tea hills that depend on specific seasons. Therefore, tourists can visit at any time of the year.

Summer in Nghe An province is usually hot; however, due to its location surrounded by mountains and rivers, the climate at Thanh Chuong tea hill remains relatively cool. Tourists can choose to visit in the morning to avoid the sun and enjoy the cool and lush greenery of the tea hills.

In winter, the landscape at Thanh Chuong tea hill becomes particularly attractive with mist covering everything. Tourists can immerse themselves in the romantic and idyllic atmosphere with the fragrant taste of tea and cool climate.

Exciting activities at Thanh Chuong tea hill

Explore the vast tea island by boat ride

If you want to experience a peaceful and relaxing time, choosing a boat to explore Thanh Chuong tea hill is perfect.

When I came here, I chose a small boat to tour and enjoy the tranquil space on the water surface. Each boat can carry from 4 to 10 people, depending on its size, and is fully equipped with safety equipment, with prices ranging from 100,000 to 150,000 VND per day.

When riding on the boat, it is truly fascinating to admire the beautiful scenery of Thanh Chuong tea hill from afar, along with the small islands on the water surface creating a very special space, like in the water-rich Mekong Delta.

The endless green color of the tea hill, the blue water, and the feeling of being on the boat has made me really excited and wanting to come back here again.

Discover the dreamy blue-green tea hill

The tea islands in Thanh Chương, Nghệ An have an area of about 1 hectare, and some hills can be much larger. The design slopes gently like the shape of a snail, extending from the peak to the water’s edge.

The tea bushes are planted in an interlaced pattern, forming arches and windbreaks on the surface of a large lake, creating a peaceful and romantic scenery.

Here, tourists can stroll and admire the fresh green tea islands, perfect for capturing memorable moments.

Drinking tea on the tea island shell

When visiting Thanh Chuong tea hill, visitors cannot miss the experience of enjoying tea made by the local people who grow and harvest it themselves.

The vast tea islands here are carefully preserved, and each island has a small hut built by the local people. Inside the hut, there are always hot teapots ready, fragrant and especially with the taste of Thanh Chuong tea.

The tea is constantly changed to ensure the freshest flavor. One time drinking tea here, visitors will feel the richness and unforgettable taste throughout their lifetime.

A one-day itinerary to explore Thanh Chuong tea hills

If you are planning a visit to Thanh Chương tea hill in Nghệ An, I can share an exciting itinerary to fully experience the beauty of this destination:

+ Morning: Start your day in Vinh city by checking into your hotel and resting. After breakfast, rent a motorbike to begin your journey to explore Thanh Chương tea hill. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to get here, depending on your speed.

+ Noon: Enjoy the local specialties and experience freshly picked, delicious tea with the unique flavor of Thanh Chương tea. To fully enjoy the beauty of the tea hill, take a break and rest in the pre-built tents and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

+ Afternoon: After enjoying the food and tea, leave the tea hill and head to visit Đại Tuệ temple. This is one of the most famous temples in Nghệ An, built in the 17th century and attracting many visitors every day. By 6 pm, you can take a ride back to your hotel and rest after a day full of exciting experiences.

What to eat when visiting Thanh Chuong tea hill?

The food at Thanh Chuong tea hill is truly unique and special. If you come here, don’t miss the chance to experience the local cuisine with a strong cultural flavor such as:

+ Nhut Thanh Chuong – Nam Dan sauce: With the main ingredient of green jackfruit mixed with chili, garlic, ginger, and fermented for many hours, nhut has a characteristic sour and chewy taste and can be processed into many different dishes.

+ Thanh Chuong chicken soup: This is a special chicken soup that is elaborately processed to create an excellent taste. Fresh and delicious chicken meat is served with rice or noodles, which is attractive to diners.

+ Green tea with om and Cu Do: After exploring the tea hill, you can rest and enjoy Cu Do and green tea with om, a specialty made from tea leaves grown on the snail island. The delicious flavor will give you energy to continue your journey to discover this land.

Travel experience to Thanh Chương tea island

When visiting Thanh Chuong tea hill for the best experience, travelers should take note of the following:

+ Early morning is the best time to visit when the air is fresh and the landscape is covered in mist. Therefore, schedule your itinerary accordingly.

+ To add uniqueness to your trip, you can arrange to visit nearby tourist attractions such as Coi Waterfall (Thanh Ha), Lua Waterfall (Thanh Huong), Dong Danh Dam (Vo Liet)…

+ The road to Thanh Chuong tea hill is quite beautiful and peaceful. However, travelers need to pay attention to their speed when passing through points such as Cam Thuy, Khe Ha… to avoid violating traffic laws and to keep a relaxed mindset during the trip.

+ If you want to enjoy the fresh air of the tea hill, you can choose to stay overnight in nearby accommodations. However, note that there are no hotels here, only homestays. This may cause inconvenience and affect your rest. Therefore, plan ahead to find a suitable homestay and avoid causing difficulties for your trip.

Traveling to Thanh Chuong tea hill in Nghe An is truly a wonderful experience that makes you feel like returning to nature in the peaceful scenery of the green tea island and rivers. If you are looking for a place to escape the noise and bustle of the city, this is definitely an excellent choice.

I have been here before and was really impressed with the delicious and unique cuisine of the region. The dish called “nhut thom” is fragrant, sour, and chewy, made from green jackfruit and spices such as chili, garlic, ginger,… while chicken soup with yellow tender meat, sweet and natural is very attractive.

If you want to find a memorable vacation in Central Vietnam, do not hesitate to come to Nghe An and explore Thanh Chuong tea hill along with other interesting destinations in the area.